НРГ+ Батерија за Asus A9 F2 F3 M51 Z53, A32-Z96

Батерија за лаптоп ASUS Z53 Series, Z9 Series, Z53 Series, Asus S Series, Asus Z Series, Asus A9 Series
(PN) A32-Z94,A32-Z96, SQU-503, SQU-528
11.1V, 4400mAh/49Wh

1.499,00 ден 1.499,00 ден 1499.0 MKD

1.270,34 ден

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Гаранција 6 месеци
Бесплатна испорака за износ над 2.500ден
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Батерија за лаптоп  MSI BTY-M66, BTY-M655, BTY-M660, BTY-M662,  BTY-M670, BTY-M66NBAT-6, 


Компатибилни ознаки на батеријата:

  • 906C5040F
  • 916C4950F
  • 957-14XXXP-103
  • 957-14XXXP-107
  • BTY-M61
  • BTY-M65
  • BTY-M66
  • BTY-M67
  • BTY-M68
  • CBPIL48
  • CBPIL72
  • CBPIL73
  • CBPIL44
  • CBPIL44
  • EAC32576903
  • EAC32576904
  • EAC32576905
  • EAC32576906
  • M660BAT-6
  • M660NBAT-6
  • SQU-424
  • SQU-503
  • SQU-511
  • SQU-523
  • SQU-524
  • SQU-528
  • SQU-529
  • SQU-601
  • SQU-605
  • SQU-706
  • SQU-718

Компатибилни лаптоп модели:


    MSI CR Series
        CR400, CR400X, CR420, CR420X 

    MSI CX Series
        CX410, CX420, CX420MX, CX420X

    MSI EX Series
        EX400, EX400X, EX410, EX460, EX460X, 
        EX465, EX465X, EX600, EX600X, EX610, 
        EX610X, EX620, EX620X, EX623, EX623X, 
        EX625, EX625X, EX628, EX628X, EX629, 
        EX629X, EX630, EX630X, EX720, EX720X 

    MSI GE Series
        GE600, GE600X, GE603

    MSI GT Series
        GT627, GT627X, GT628, GT628X, GT640, 
        GT640X, GT720, GT720X, GT725, GT725X, 
        GT729, GT729X, GT735, GT735X, GT740, 

    MSI GX Series
        GX400, GX400X, GX403, GX403X, GX600, 
        GX600X, GX610, GX610X, GX620, GX620X, 
        GX623, GX623X, GX630, GX630X, GX633, 
        GX633X, GX640, GX640X, GX675, GX675X, 
        GX677, GX677X, GX720, GX720X, GX730, 
        GX730X, GX740, GX740X

    MSI M Series
        M655, M660, M662, M670, M673, 
        M675, M677 

    MSI PR Series
        PR600, PR600X, PR620

    MSI PX Series
        PX600, PX600X 

    MSI VR Series
        VR430, VR430X, VR440, VR440X, VR600, 
        VR600X, VR601, VR601X, VR602, VR602X, 
        VR603, VR603X, VR610, VR610X, VR620, 
        VR620X, VR630, VR630X

    MSI VX Series
        VX600, VX600X


 MSI MS Series

Ms-1012 Ms-1013 Ms-1022
Ms-1024 Ms-1035 Ms-1036
Ms-1037 Ms-1042 Ms-1047
Ms-1049 Ms-1053 Ms-1054
Ms-1057 Ms-1058 Ms-1217
Ms-1221 Ms-1222 Ms-1223
Ms-1224 Ms-1225 Ms-1226
Ms-1227 Ms-1228 Ms-1241
Ms-1242 Ms-1243 Ms-1244
Ms-1245 Ms-1313         Ms-1325
Ms-1326 Ms-1332 Ms-1333
Ms-1336 Ms-1337 Ms-1414
Ms-1432 Ms-1451 Ms-1481
Ms-1482 Ms-163a Ms-163c
Ms-163k Ms-163n Ms-1642
Ms-1644 Ms-1651 Ms-1674
Ms-1675 Ms-16d2 Ms-16d3
Ms-16f3 Ms-16g1 Ms-16g4
Ms-16g7 Series Ms-16ga Ms-16gk
Ms-16h2 Ms-16y1 Ms-1715
Ms-1716 Ms-1717 Ms-1718
Ms-1719 Ms-171a Ms-171b
Ms-171c Ms-171f Ms-1722
Ms-1751 Ms-1754 Ms-1762
Ms-1763 Ms-1771 Ms-1781
Ms-1783 Ms-n011 Ms-n012
Ms-n014 Ms-n015 Ms-n031
Ms-n033 Ms-n811 ms1034
ms1039 ms1613 ms1632
ms1633 ms1634 ms1636
ms1637 ms163d ms1651
ms1652 ms16f3 ms1721
ms1722 ms1762 Mysn mg6
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